Sevierville Community Information

Sevierville has a variety of attractions that cater to tourists, but residents often prefer outdoor adventures or the simple pleasures of the golf course. Prominent in the area is Eagle's Landings Golf Club. Within one hour's drive, there are more than 20 additional clubs. Most of the courses countywide are open to the public. Outdoor adventure can be found all over the region, but especially in the mountains of Sevier County. Popular choices are hiking, horseback riding, gliding through the trees on a zipline, or on a hot day, a lazy afternoon of tubing down one of the rivers.

Sevierville's attractions are oriented towards family fun. In addition to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, some other notable venues are: NASCAR SpeedPark, Forbidden Caverns, and a multitude of music and show venues. The National Park is a 500-square-mile playground for anyone who enjoys exploring the outdoors. At the NASCAR SpeedPark, visitors can catch a taste of auto racing in replica cars on recreational tracks. The site also features rides, bumper boats, an arcade and a racing simulator.

The Forbidden Caverns is one of Sevierville's more unique attractions. The Forbidden Caverns is an educational site where visitors can tour naturally occurring formations, grottos and an underground stream. Interestingly, Tennessee actually has more caves than any other state in the country. The Sevierville caves were inhabited in the winter months by the Eastern Woodland Indians. In later years, bootleggers would use the caves as a discrete site to produce moonshine. The Forbidden Caverns have been open to the public since the 1960s.

Music is a big part of the local culture. Sevierville is home to Dolly Parton, the darling of country music. There are many places to enjoy today's country and bluegrass stars as well as to hear an impromptu concert by local artists. Additionally, there are a variety of venues in the area for evening entertainment, from professional dinner theater shows to Chinese acrobats.